Wealth Building

A New Mind

In the course of reading this article it will be clear to you how you can operate on the level of a new mind. It is your mind that will play a vital role in achieving the set target, because we are going to set a particular target in bringing out the mind from its obscure state and giving it the light it requires to bring to reality the wealth we preach as result of putting the mind to effective use. Why not look at your situation now and ask yourself is this where I am supposed to be, five years ago where was I and in five years to come where will I be? I think the question is best asked now because you have the greatest opportunity of changing your situation and changing your life and that of your family forever through this simple but conscious decision.

I have taken time to look at man and most time the problem with us is that we do not allow time for meditation. I remember sometimes back I do take time to sit alone every night at 7.00pm and I will think about life and how to take different step and make decisions thereafter. This will last me like two hours and I believe two hours out of the twenty four hours in a day is not too much to look inward and change some specific thing about your life. The method still works till date and I am very happy because the power of the mind it at work and so many other forces come into play as you do this. Like the creative and innovative ability, this forces raise up their beautiful heads and when you swing into action with their propositions you find out that the sky cannot be your limit.

The new mind can be generated through your ability to set time aside to look at what is obtainable in your environment and you begin to ponder on it until you have a definite answer which you can put to use for a positive result. I will call this a new mind because immediately you make up your mind to put the mind to positive use you will definitely have a specific approach to that situation that is keeping you down. The old mind is that which is not freaked about the situation around, such a mind is probably static and inactive it prefers to live on old and past glory. An active mind is what we need now it is this active mind that will change the situation around not only for him, but for the nation at large.

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