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If You Want to Get Rich Stop Working For Money

One of the main reasons that people fail to become rich is because they are focusing on working for money. They believe that money is going to make them rich, but money itself does not make you rich. It is what you do with your money that makes you rich and rich people and poor people spend their money very differently.

About a year ago I started my own business doing freelance writing online. I didn’t want to work at a job I didn’t like and I wanted to pave my own way in the world. I thought I was being a smart entrepreneur and that I was going to get rich. I thought I was starting my own business, but really I was just trading one job I didn’t like for another job I didn’t like. I was still working for money, and working for money is not what makes the rich rich.

The rich get rich because they don’t work for money they work to acquire assets. An asset is something that generates you income without you having to work for it. Investment properties that generate income after all expenses are paid, businesses that generate you income but you don’t have to work in, stocks that pay dividends and patents where people pay to use your intellectual material are some examples of assets. The rich focus on working for assets, not for money.

At the moment I currently work two days per week for money. This is because I have a family to support and I need to pay the bills. But the rest of my time is spent acquiring assets. I spend a lot of time educating myself and I spend time creating a searching for assets to buy. I now refuse to work a lot for money, but I want to be rich so I spend my time working to acquire assets.

Recently I had a great opportunity to work for money doing something I loved to do. Friends of mine, who work hard for money (and who earn a lot more than I do), have seen how good I have gotten at finding assets and offered me money to find assets for them. This would look like a great opportunity to most people, but for me I want to work for assets, not money. So instead of taking their money and working for them, I am currently looking into partnering with them, so that I will have a share of the assets. Instead of simply working for money, I am now working for assets. Soon I will be able to stop working all together and my assets will work for me.

Most people who work for money never get rich because that is all they know how to do. They only know how to work for money, they don’t know how to have money work for them. If all you know is how to work for money then you will never get financially free. If you want to get rich then stop working for money and learn how to have money work for you. The best way to do that is to start buying or creating assets that generate you income without you having to work for it.

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