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Making Money Quick – Wealth Secrets For the Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Most of us have secretly yearned to know some of the wealth secrets. Even if it wasn’t a mammoth priority, we have probably wondered what it would be like to be comfortable. I’m sure you’ve heard Robin Leach expose lifestyles of people that are wealthy in material goods. Maybe for a moment, some of us have wondered what someone else’s lifestyle would be like.

One of the problems with TV (and one of the reasons that I refuse to own one) is that it encourages us to define our own idea of wealth by the latest product or service that someone is promoting. It is one of the unhealthiest places to begin your search for wealth secrets.

One of the least well-known wealth secrets is simple; do what you love. We allow society to condition us to think that work and relentless pursuits of goals is the one way to get to the top. However, your mental and physical well-being is just as important (or maybe more important) as the endless pursuit of “wealth.”

To live a life of abundance, it doesn’t matter how much money you have if you aren’t living a healthy, happy, and loving lifestyle. Those of us that are happy with our jobs, our bodies, and our family and friends find that success is a side effect. The wealth secrets truly come from within.

Have you ever noticed that a healthy person gravitates towards making healthier decisions in life? For me, finding a diet and exercise program required letting go of the traditional ways to “get fit”. If I had to go to a gym and exercise every day on a treadmill, I just wouldn’t go. I would be one of the most unfit men in North America instead of one of the wealthiest.

Instead, I had to come up with an exercise plan customized for me. You know what that was? I love climbing stairs. If I go out of town for a conference, my booking agent makes sure that to put me in a high-rise with plenty of steps to climb. This is how I exercise. This is how I was able to enter the 300-mile footrace to the North Pole a couple of years ago. I love to climb stairs! I didn’t find this out by watching TV or having someone else train me. I figured out what I loved and did more of that.

People who are happy and healthy are generally more successful in life. This is where you begin to uncover the true wealth secrets. Having a mind-body connection puts you in a more emotionally stable place.

This is one element to uncovering the wealth secrets. The first place that you are going to start is by doing what you love. From there, you will create goals and eventually a short and simply stated life mission. A mentored life will teach you how to do this in small steps. By changing your mindset to something more positive and healthy, you won’t even need to search for wealth secrets because they will come to you.

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