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Wealth Seminars Worth Attending?

Everyone wants to be financially free, and I presumed we are all bombarded with plethora of products out there selling you the hope of instant riches or some who says anyone can do it providing they attend their seminar etc etc.

The great thing recently is that due to the seminar market becoming saturated with lots and lots of people, and inevitably having lots of people attend them, most popular seminars will have been reviewed plenty of times, and hopefully this will help those make a better and more informed decision in whether to attend the seminar.

After years of having gone through lots and lots of seminars surrounding wealth and how to build them, I presume that I can make a pretty accurate description of the reality behind all these seminars. All of the seminars that I have attended were in UK. Luckily I didn’t fall for too many.

How do they all start?? Well most if not all… start off with a free seminar. Essentially, it’s only free because the information that they are showing you are all things that you can perfectly discover for yourself, and to be honest, they spend over 80% of their time within these free seminars trying to stir up emotions of how great if would be to get yourself out of a job. Essentially it’s proven sales tactics that they use as a form of hypnosis so that after all this, most people would be lapping up anything that they are offered. It amazes me how it works all the time.

Now typically there are 2 popular methods of making money – internet marketing or trading financial markets. However, both formats of selling tactics are virtually identical. Then should you fall for going further, you generally fork out over £2K to get what you believe at the time is “everything”  you need to know. But instead, what they do in fact, is just try and draw you in further to then spend the most you ever spent which is generally in the excess of £5K. The thing to realise though about all these courses is that they all sell their background as if they are some gurus, and all they are doing these seminars for are because they enjoy helping others etc etc… but simply put, that’s all a big BS. Most of the people who join in the bandwagon of seminars (especially those teaching trading in financial markets) is that they don’t make much money from trading itself and are hence attracted to the money that seminars make. In rare cases, they do it for the fame, but that is less likely. I guess if we all did think logically, we would realise that if these “gurus” really had the answers to trading in the financial markets then they would be doing it quietly somewhere in the middle of nowhere and enjoying their lives. But if money from seminars are too much for people to turn down, then most likely the chances are that 80% of their income is coming directly from the seminars rather than from trading the financial markets itself.

So does this mean that all these seminars are all totally useless?? Well the answer to this is not totally straight forward. If you were like me, and couldn’t be asked to do the research yourself and wanted to get an idea of where to start, then these seminars are great. However, you almost have to value whether your laziness is really worth spending over £2K to find out. But what is useful to remember is that no seminar will deliver what they sell you and in addition EVERY seminar grossly underestimates the effort it will take you to make it work for yourself. What it does give you though is that for someone who has no clue, it will give you a form of syllabus that you must study in order to achieve your goals. But there is absolutely no way that you will become proficient after just a weekend seminar.

Every avenue, whatever you choose to do is NEVER as easy as they sell you to be, however it is never difficult either. It will undoubtedly take an enormous effort which is a definite guarantee.

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